Stuart Vesty
Stuart Vesty, a.k.a. "Stu Vesty," a.k.a. "Studio"

Now known to be operating under the name
"Stuart Vesty Photography"

Wanted for: Taking unique and fantastic photographs

Proof of Crimes:

  • Vesty photographs have been sighted on the covers of all major Arabian, Saddlebred, Morgan, National Show Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse and Miniature Horse magazines, as well as many significant international magazines.
  • One photograph found in the Tennessee Governor's Mansion has been tested for DNA and determined to be an original Vesty.
  • Experts who have examined some international sales brochures are willing to testify that they contain 100% Vesty Photos, with no additives.

Distinguishing Marks: Camera and case, a devious but charming smile.

Most Often Seen In: Gap casual, a ponytail, "serious" discussions.

Known to Frequent: Major horse shows on 4 continents; horse farms; home with his wife, Sandy, in Ohio

Sightings: Please report sightings immediately by calling 330-995-4800.

Attempt Apprehension Only With Extreme Caution!

We have documented evidence that Vesty will take photographs at farms, horse shows, and even stoop to taking candid shots at random when you are least expecting it. He could blind you with his flash, stun you with a few of his photos, or he could just plain run you down with his Harley.


"Vesty Photo Fever" Has Been Found To Be Highly Addictive, With No Known Cure.

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